Fast turnaround on debt collection and reconciliation

Our Technology and Reporting

Hahn Collections Pty (Ltd) produces reports according to our client’s requirements including:

  1. Monthly reports with a detailed breakdown of cases, including the number of interactions such as: letters sent, calls made, meetings held, traces done, payments received employment status etc.
  2. New or existing addresses to be handed over as well as the source of information.
  3. Reports indicating the amounts handed over or any changes to the account: debits; credits; payments/deposits.
  4. Queries handed to the client.
  5. Reports on all cases where debt is uncollectable and why.

Our Fees

Our fees are structured upon the relevant tariff, however are negotiable and are performance related.

Our Solutions and Services

Debt Collection
We take over and handle the full process of commercial debt collection & recovery. This reduces our client’s in-house fixed costs and replaces them with a cost-effective service provided by experts.
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Call Centre

Our well trained, qualified and friendly call centre agents are ready and able to efficiently recover debt, using the advanced debt recovery and telephone systems.

All enquiries can be sent to the office manager at

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Fast turnaround on debt collection and reconciliation.

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Our Solutions and Services

Call Centre

All enquiries can be sent to the office manager at